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Our Services



PARTNERING: From the moment that we take on the responsibility of renting your property we become your partner in all facets of the project.  We will get to know your house in depth, we will understand your idea of the perfect tenant and strive at complying with this expectation, we will at all time keep the focus on a win-win harmonious rental experience.  Our philosophy does not allow us to just take charge but to take charge with your input and involvement. Regular checking of property. Frequent visual exterior checking plus scheduled checking of the interior. Immediate reporting of any out of line situation. Decision making on major issues with your full participation. We are your partner.

WHAT SETS US APART: As your partner you can entrust us with your property, we will treat it as our own, we care and will take good care of it. Experienced and highly professional, we also have many tools in place to present your property, to advertise your property at the lowest cost, to monitor the activity, to report regularly, to react fast and readjust as needed. Compare and see what sets us apart. 

SOPHISTICATED WEB PAGE: Your property will be professionally showcased with many pictures and detailed information to ensure that potential tenants have all questions answered.  The ease of use, complete information and high quality of our presentation are some of the many reasons that attracts a superior caliber of tenant.

A RECOGNIZED ADDRESS: Years of building up our name has earned us recognition and attracts thousands of viewers/tenants, directly and indirectly, see our statistics.

TAKING ADVANTAGE OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY: Greater reach throughout the Hawaiian Islands as well as national and international coverage. Wider exposure directly and through various search engines.  Our statistic shows that most of our visitors are from Hawaii as well as the Mainland US, followed by a great number of Canadians, a  considerable number of European and several from all over the world.

CONTINUAL ADVERTISING: Our site offers continual advertising. Additionally we will advertise in the right media for your property, from Internet sites, newspapers, Real Estate Listings and any other media that targets the desired tenants.   Additonally we receive thousands of calls from potential tenants.  We aggressively promote your property to matching callers.

LOW COST ADVERTISING: Our advertising is effective and at NO additional cost to you, the property owner. Aside from the direct advertising we continually promote your property to many matching tenants that call us daily requesting guidance.

CONSTANT MONITORING & READJUSTING: We measure the effectiveness of our advertising, capitalize on higher traffic days, increase visibility of lower traffic days and continually monitor the flow. How many people are viewing your property yet how many are actually calling and interested in a showing? These are the fact that you need to understand in order to rent better and faster. We give you the tools to do so and help you readjust the advertising.

A LARGE POOL OF TENANTS: The hundreds of calls that we receive daily added to our extensive database populated by our visiting tenants, let us compile a valuable list of tenants matching your property. Superior telephone and e-mail coverage, even on week-ends allow us to promote your property to callers. Free consulting to our hundreds of callers ensures their loyalty and high flow of tenants. We have a sophisticated and extensive database that captures thousands of tenants.

OBTAINING A TENANT & IN-DEPTH SCREENING: Once we have obtained a tenant, we will continue to work on obtaining back-up options while we thoroughly screen a potential tenant, including their past rental references, employment, financial stability, credit report, etc. 

HIGHLY COMPUTERIZED: In depth recording of all transactions allows us to produce detailed monthly statements Additionally we will produce a year end statement and we will help you with your Hawaii GE Tax.



Website and Marketing
- We will take a great number of pictures of the property to include with your dedicated webpage.
- We will develop a professional webpage showcasing the property.
- We will advertise, market and promote extensively the property, within and outside of Hawaii.
- We share our expertise on local trends &rental rates.  We work in close partnership with you, the owner, to ensure that we assess the correct rent.

 Leasing services
- We will seek quality tenants for the property.
- Show property to pre-qualified matching tenants.
- We will screen each tenant by performing credit and background checks, employment and financial verifications, previous rental history, etc.
- We will be aggressive in marketing each property to ensure we obtain quality tenants in the shortest time.
Administrative services
- A rental contract will be prepared for your review.
- Pet addendum, cleaning addendum will be included with contract to ensure that expectations are clearly understood.
- A thorough walk-through is done when tenant moves in and a condition report is signed.
- A complete file with pictures accompanies the condition report and if applicable the inventory list of items included with the property.
- These documents will be used for the final walk-through at the end of the lease
Rent Collection
- We will send a reminder prior to month end to all tenants re-confirming the rent amount and methods of payment available to them.
Bill payments
- At owners request we will make arrangements for the payment of yard maintenance, pool maintenance, utilities, etc.
Regular Inspections
- We perform a drive by visual check of the property to verify the conditions of the exterior, the yard, the apparent occupancy of the property and generally assess normality of the conditions.
- Occasional internal inspections are arranged with the tenant.
- We will stay proactive where it concerns maintenance items to ensure that they are taken care of immediately.
Repairs and Maintenance Services
- Tenants have access to a 24 hr emergency number.
- All repair and maintenance services are performed by our regular specialized, bonded vendors and contractors.
- We maintained a complete list of service providers with a proven record of quality service at competitive rates.
- For larger jobs estimates are obtained for vendors for comparison purposes.
- Owners approve all estimates prior to work being done.
- We conduct an inspection of all work done once work is completed.
Accounting Services
- All transaction affecting account balances are recorded on a daily basis.
- Monthly statements will be e-mailed, faxed or mailed depending on preference.
- Copies of all work orders and receipts will be attached to monthly statements.
- At owners request we will obtain a GE Tax number and pay the GE Tax on the due dates.
- Annual account summaries will be provided to facilitate tax preparation

Call us at 808-572-8222 to discuss your property



We are a service company offering to:

  • Develop a web page to showcase an owner's property.
  • List owners properties.
  • Advertise and Promote properties.
  • Market property to matching potential tenants.
  • Qualify tenants by checking references and credit report.
  • Prepare the lease agreement
  • Perform any other related services.


  • Your own web page - MauiLeasings will design a web page to showcase your property to potential tenants giving as much information and photos as you wish and is necessary to rent quickly, easily, to the BEST tenant (see sample property page).
  • Unlimited listing - MauiLeasings will additionally list your property on web site as long as it takes for the property to be rented, at no extra cost.
  • Unlimited information - No limitations on the number of lines, pages or photos to describe your property and requirements/conditions for renting.
  • Free Newspaper add - MauiLeasings will also advertise on a continual basis on the local newspaper, in the rental section to give your property additional exposure, at no extra cost.
  • Various Internet sites - MauiLeasingswill advertise, on a regular basis, your property on any other website or media targeting the best suited tenants.
  • Greater exposure - Your property will be advertised on the islands and beyond. You will get the attention of many tenants in Maui and outside of Maui.
  • Many Tenants - MauiLeasings has an extensive database of tenants. Additionally MauiLeasings receive hundreds of calls daily from local potential tenants as well as tenants from all Hawaiian islands and the Mainland.

Finding the best tenant, with ease.

Go to our  Registration Form to list your property or call us at 808-572-8222 to discuss this service