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Who We Are



We Can Help;

  • Sell You Property
  • Buy your Dream Home/Condo or Land
  • Rent your Property
  • Find Short-Term Rentals 
  • Find Long-Term Rentals
  • Find your Dream Vacaction Rental
  • Property Management
  • Lease-Option to Own Opportunities

Maui Leasings and Sales is YOUR one stop, state licensed, full service Real Estate Company serving all of Maui.

We are a dynamic, progressive and energetic company dedicated to providing the highest level of services.  We owe our rapid growth to our loyal customers that have introduced us to others, with confidence, over the years.  Our products are as diverse as your needs.  We listen,  We care,  We deliver! 

The best of both Worlds; We have developed a background infrastructure and automation that assures you the response you would expect from any top organization.  Yet our considerate, personalized and insightful interaction will make you realize that you have, in us, a committed friend. 

It's all about earning your Loyalty; Our main focus is to develop your trust.  Trust in our knowledge, trust in our ability to deliver, trust in our ability to identify with your needs and dreams, there is no end to the efforts that we deploy to develop your Loyalty.  We work hard and earn it. We work even harder to keep it!

It's all about the long term commitment; Our investment of time and efforts is intended for a lifetime of service.  Service rendered to you again and again.  Service rendered to those that you will recommend to us.  Our focus is not on growth, it is on the quality of our service.  Growth will be the inevitable product of our commitment to excellence and to longevity.

It's all about raising the bar; Our standards have to be the highest.  We promote action by example.  Our professionalism will attract ready, qualified buyers, higher caliber tenants and serious owners.  We do not target any sector of the market but we are determined to give the same high level of service to everyone, never compromising our standards.  We expect the same from our clients.

SUCCESS IS CONTAGIOUS:  Our website currently receives close to 100,000 visitors per month.  This tremendous exposure, our ethics, our professionalism and our attention to your needs, have made us successful.  We are happy to share this success with you by making you successful too.

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