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What You Receive:

  1. We develop your own web page - Maui Leasings and Sales will design a web page to showcase your property to potential tenants giving as much information and photos as you wish and is necessary to rent quickly, easily, to the BEST tenant (see sample property page).
  2.  Unlimited listing - Maui Leasings and Sales will additionally list your property on web site as long as it takes for the property to be rented, at no extra cost.
  3. Unlimited information - No limitations on the number of lines, pages or photos to describe your property and requirements/conditions for renting.
  4. Free Newspaper add - Maui Leasings and Sales will run general advertising on a continual basis on the local newspaper, in the rental section to give your property additional exposure, at no extra cost.
  5. Various Internet sites - Maui Leasings and Sales will advertise, on a regular basis, your property on any other website or media targeting the best suited tenants.
  6. Greater exposure - Your property will be advertised on the islands and beyond. You will get the attention of many tenants in Maui and outside of Maui.

What it Costs:

Developing the webpage and showcasing your property
$200.00 one time charge per instance*
Unlimited material - Unlimited time

*The same property being listed at a later date will be charged as another instance.

This includes Marketing and Promoting of your property on our website and other site as determined necessary.

TOTAL PER LISTING: $200.00* one time fee -

For properties  $3,000/n rent or more - see additional fees if $3,000/m rent or more.

Without Property Managerment Services such as full screening of tenants, writing rental contract, etc.


LISTINGS properties $3,000/month rent and above


What You Receive:

Same services as above PLUS

ADDITIONAL MARKETING CHARGES: 50% of the first month rent - one time only, **on certain properties.

Without Property Managerment Services
**Properties renting for $3000 or more require more attention, more research, more marketing and more advertising. To ensure that we can perform to the highest standards effectively, we have an additional fee, for properties with a monthly rent of $3000 or above.

Question: What is the difference?
Answer: For properties below $3000/month rent, we will respond to the calls generated by our website's high exposure and our advertising. We are in a responsive processing mode.

For properties above $3000/m rent, we will research and target tenants. We operate in pro-active action mode.

  • Maui Leasings and Sales receives hundreds of calls each day from potential tenants seeking guidance in their search for accommodations. Our team works very hard at understanding these tenants' needs and at selecting the individuals that match your property.
  • Maui Leasings and Sales' team will screen calls to ensure that only qualified tenants, based on your requirements, are presented to you.
  • Maui Leasings and Sales will review on a daily basis the new tenants added to our important database of tenants to ensure that no potential tenant is overlooked.
  • Maui Leasings and Sales will present you with a short profile for each potential tenant.

  Full Property Management Services:

One time fee of $200 to develop the webpage showcasing your property.

10% of each month's gross rent - NO OTHER FEES are required when Maui Leasings and Sales is the Property Manager for a property.


  • Webpage development
  • Marketing & promoting
  • Obtaining a high quality tenant (including showing property)
  • Leasing services
  • Administrative services
  • Rent collection
  • Bill payment
  • Regular Inspections
  • Repairs and maintenance services
  • Accounting services

 .............  and much more.  See complete details under our Services section


Additional Services:

PICTURE TAKING:  Minimum Cost: $150.00

We will come to your property take pictures, edit them and load them to your dedicated webpage. Depending on the location there could be additional expenses. Each property will be quoted on a case by case basis.


What does it include

  • Present you with a profile for each potential tenant
  • Send application forms to tenants
  • Check a minimum of two previous landlords
  • Verify employment and salary
  • Verify bank/financial if necessary
  • Obtain a current Credit Report
  • Prepared a full lease agreement based on your requirements
  • Collect and deliver to you the deposit check and first months rent.

Maui Leasings and Sales will present final cut tenant(s) and make recommendations. The one time fee is due when the lease is signed by the tenant of your choice.

* NOTE:  For properties under $3000/month

As we continually receive hundreds of calls from tenants searching rental properties, we post tenants' profiles and their requirements. Check our "WANTED PROPERTY" Section. This is an easy way for owners to find a tenant without even advertising.
Cost: $75.00 (When a tenant provided by MauiLeasings has signed a contract for rental.)


  • Full or partial Property Management of your properties
  • Obtain Home Warranty Insurance
  • Pay the GE Tax on your behalf
  • Issue to tenant monthly receipts/statements for rent paid.
  • Perform walk-through when first moving in and when moving out (when managing property only).
  • Make arrangements to get your property ready for your new tenant.
  • Help with any other service that would be of value to you, the owner, in respect to your rental property.

Cost: Ask us for the fees for each of these services